Casual update 3.0 Socks

Yes, socks! First of all, I think socks are really underrated. Sure, it’s getting more and more popular to rock some colourful socks that add to your style, but a lot of people still have mixed feelings towards that. I totally get it though, why would someone spend time thinking about damn socks?! For me,

It Just Didn’t Feel Right.

Curiosity is a funny thing. First, it sucks you right in, you think that it’s the next big thing, you think about it, read about it and it really gets you excited. BUT, after a while you realise that it might not be as exciting as it once was. I’m talking about this blog (shocking…).

Connecting with People.

Importance of communication. Whenever I think or envision success, me being happy, celebrating something special, I see people. People that are around me. I’m never by myself. Others contribute to the overall success and happiness of my life so much that I just can’t throw them out of the picture. Whether it’s family, friends, roommates,

The Importance of the Future.

It’s crazy, when I think about it. I am turning 25 this weekend. Sure, 25 is not that much, I am still young and a whole bunch of things are waiting for me in the future, but, man, 25?! I always thought that by 25 I will be doing something special, I’ll be on my

Idea of Minimalism.

(Not-so)Short intro. I’m not going to talk about minimalism in art. No, no. I want to talk about the idea of minimalism in our everyday lives. About few months ago, I came across these two dudes from the U.S. called The Minimalists. Found out that they’re a pretty big deal. After doing some good old

Comfort Zone.

—Let me just say that only this doggo is allowed to stay in his comfort zone. Just look at him.—   What? Comfort Zone? According to Lifehacker, ” comfort zone is a behvioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimises stress and risk.”, got that? Well, I guess comfort

5 Ways To Start Loving Mondays

Monday. This may not be the best and most anticipated day of the week, we know it. In fact, most people are not looking forward to this day, because of various reasons. Whether it’s work, school, appointments or anything else that you consider a burden or a duty. Monday = planing ahead, setting goals/tasks, preparing

Benefits of Being a Morning Person

Proof. According to articles onĀ Inc. and Business Insider, “90% of executives wake up before 6am on weekdays, and 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before their workday actually begins.”. We’re no math wizards, but numbers don’t lie. Getting up early in the morning works. Lots of studies have been made over