Who’s Vinny The Guy?

You may or may not want to know, who is that guy that’s sitting on the other side of the screen. Here he is cheezin’ at you down below.

(…back in the day)


About Vinny The Guy:

  • He’s 24, soon to be 25.
  • Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, now living in Sydney, Australia.
  • Played basketball his whole life – never became a basketball player.
  • Likes creativity and writing – took him 24 years to start a proper blog.
  • Sometimes thinks he’s from another planet.
  • Wants to inspire people through the power of word.
  • Thinks that there’s an opportunity around every corner.
  • He is a visionary.
  • Believes there’s more people like him out there, he just haven’t found them yet.
  • Can cook a mean breakfast burrito.